Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Faith

        My faith is a very important part of who I am and what I do. Often, I am asked by people how I deal with my busy life. At times like these, I smile and point upwards. However, believing in God was not something that came immediately to me. It was through struggles and hardships that I realized how crucial my faith was.
        Growing up in a Christian home, going to church and praying were everyday things to me. As a child, I enjoyed going to church and having fun with the other kids. However, socializing was all there was to it. My sole purpose for going to church was to make friends and eat snacks. I knew the Bible stories and sang along during the worship, but I did not understand the profound meaning until later in my life.
        After moving to Taiwan, the painful change I underwent really pushed me closer to God. I struggled in school due to the language barrier and academic differences. I could no longer blaze through homework nor could I ace tests with ease. Having been humbled, I learned to actively seek God. By His grace, I received wonderful help and support from an amazing cast of classmates and teachers who helped me adjust.
        The Grace Place holds a special place in my heart. While I have been to many other churches, this church differs because I truly witnessed God working in my life. When I first arrived at the Grace Place, it was very small. Often, you could count the number of people that came on your fingers. The workers in our church were few, but as a result, I had a chance to be an integral part of our church. Helping out in Sunday School and the worship team really helped me to understand more of Christ as I outputted what I had learned as a child.
        All of these things led to me being a more active Christian in high school. I would invite non-Christian classmates for Bible studies and fellowship. I also became more involved with the religious department of our school, helping out with activities such as CMS Worship and the 30 Hour Famine. Most importantly, I became more aware of the needs of others. If they were in a bad mood, I would be willing to give words of encourage or even a prayer. Through all of this, my communication skills and intrapersonal relationships improved, but even better was that I had a greater motive to push for success and excellence.
        I am no pastor, but I discovered how wonderful it is to have faith in God and a relationship with Him. Amen. 

Playing at church

Summer Character Camp

The Grace Place

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