Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Family

        Although I am an only child, my close-knit family of three has always given me the support, laughs, and love I needed over the years.
My father, who is medical researcher and assistant professor, is both a friend and a mentor to me. Most of the time, we like to kid or have fun together. Whether we are biking or watching a movie, his zany quips always bring things to a new and crazy perspective. As a mentor, my dad always offers a single profound comment that dictates my thoughts as I search for the answers to all kinds of problems. From religious to medical issues, my dad is the one to ask. His wisdom and advice stem from one thing: his love for me. With that, he has become my closest friend and confidant.
        Being the teenage boy that I am, my mom is the person that really gets things going for me. As an architectural and interior designer, she is incredibly adept at pointing out things that can be improved and redefined. Whenever I feel complacent with my work, she is able to help me realize what else can be improved. An extremely organized person, my mother pinpoints the things that I need to do. Without her, I would have drowned in a sea of laundry and school assignments. Oh, did I mention that her cooking is amazing?


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